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Fic: Lonely - Together


Author: Reni7681
Characters/Pairing: Connor/Abby (Abby's OV)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Primeval and it’s characters belong to Impossible Pictures, no copyright infringement is intended.

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Thanks to selanay  for betaing *hugs*



Since we got back to the flat, I’ve had problems going to sleep.

The sounds of the town were so… not what I’d had in the last three months. Yes, there were Raptors and other creatures that wanted to have us as a snack, but it was quiet there. Only the sounds of nature.

I was lying in my bed for the last 3 hours trying to sleep. I had to be up in 4 hours to go to work. Sleep was not coming to me.

I got up and listened for sounds. Connor was back in the flat, really back home now.

We were together for the last 94 Days.


More people than just him and me made me nervous now and without him around me I felt vulnerable.


Back home, alone in my room with him up in his room in his own bed, I felt a little…


No sounds were heard around the flat, so I crept up the stairs to Connor’s room.

When I was at his open door I could see a flickering light and I heard something. Nature. Must be a CD. I had to smile; this was my Connor. I went into his room and he was lying in bed, but he wasn’t asleep.

He smiled at me. “Can’t sleep?”

“No. Can I stay with you?”

“Sure.” He made room on his bed and I curled around him.

“I like the sounds!”

He laughed “Yeah, I thought it would me help to get to sleep.”

“I have the same problem. I felt lonely without you there!” I whispered, but he heard me.

I felt his smile and he just said “Me too!”

With him next to me, the sounds of the nature and the flickering candle; I slipped into slumber with the thought that I felt loved and safe.

Together with him.

The last thing I heard was his whispered "Together."



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On to better things!

The incredible Jim Butcher put up the first chapter of Dresden Files ... I'm still in awe!  

Chapter One


I answered the phone, and Susan Rodriguez said, "They've taken our daughter."I sat there for a long five count, swallowed, and said, "Um. What?"
"You heard me, Harry," Susan said gently.
"Oh," I said. "Um."
"The line isn't secure," she said. "I'll be in town tonight. We can talk then."
"Yeah," I said. "Okay."
"Harry..." she said. "I'm not... I never wanted to..." She cut the words off with an impatient sigh. I heard a voice over the loudspeaker in the background, saying something in Spanish. "We'll have time for that later. The plane is boarding. I've got to go. About twelve hours."
"Okay," I said. "I'll... I'll be here."
She hesitated, as if about to say something else, but then she hung up.
I sat there with the phone against my ear. After a while, it started making that double-speed busy-signal noise.
Our daughter.
She said our daughter.

go here for more!!



Okay, that may not mean much to you ... but this is the start of book 12 of my favorite book series!
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 The sun was coming out today, and finally I was able to "see" the town again *yay*

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Anyway, I got a text message that wasn't for me LOL He had typed in the wrong number, and had me on the other side. I texted back and a month later we met in person (bc he lived 270 miles away from where I lived back then).

What can I tell you ... we are together for 9 years not, and getting married in may ... in 87 days ... 

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Oh no :-(

 I think the gods of fanfiction are punishing me for hurting Connor :-(

My ears hurt (bc I have a nice infection there *cry*)
I have a splitting headache, my nose is running, and I start loosing my voice, the doc said, that I probably lose it completely before tomorrow ... really very ironic!  

SOOOO is there anyone out there who thinks I just asked for this? I just should write a fic where everyone id healthy and happy ... or chased by a creature, bc that is very unlikely to happen to me LOL ... or isn't it?

Fic: Welcomes and Goodbyes PART 4

Characters/Pairing: Connor/Abby
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Primeval and it’s characters belong to Impossible Pictures, no copyright infringement is intended.

AN: This is my first Fic so please, leave a comment :D
BIG thanks to wilemina_29 for betaing *hugs* and thanks to my friend Callace, for looking over my attempts of writing LOL

***  ***  ***  ***   ***  ***

"Jenny, where’s Connor?"

She let me go and looked down.

"Abby, ahm ... he ... "

"Just tell me, Jenny. Please!"

"I will, but you have to calm down! You hyperventilated, do you remember what happened?" Jenny took my right hand and squeezed it.

"I ... no ... I was thinking about ... ahm ... some things. I think I freaked out a bit, I remember. What happened to Connor?"

"Well, you lost consciousness. Sarah called the ambulance and he ... well, he was scared. When the ambulance arrived they wanted to take you to the hospital but they didn't let him ride with you because he isn't a family member. We brought him here but he was breathing too fast and he collapsed when we arrived. I don't really know where they took him. Sarah and Becker are with him."

I was crying again. When I tried to get out of the bed Jenny held onto me preventing my escape.

"Jenny let me go, I need to see him!"

"Calm down, please Abby!" She shoved me back down and held me to the bed. When I began to sob again, she called a doctor.

Jenny tried to calm me down and when the doctor arrived she explained what happened. He gave me a mild sedative to relax me and asked Jenny to wait outside. After a few minutes I was ready to listen to the doctor who told me that my hard sobbing caused my heart to beat irregularly and that this in turn caused me to lose consciousness. He asked me if it was the first time something like that happened. I told him that I’d had problems with that as was a teenager. He nodded and scribbled down something on the clipboard he was holding.

"Well, we’ll have to run some tests Miss Maitland. So you can leave after we get the results but you’ll have to stay at least overnight."

"What tests? I want to see my friend!"

"Just some blood tests and a heart function test, don't worry. A nurse will come here to take blood samples and explain the ECG monitor to you, it won’t take long. I’ll tell them to take you to your friend afterwards, okay?"


He nodded "But don't stress yourself! You will be a bit out of it since I just gave you a sedative. You may feel a bit unstable, so don't go anywhere on your own alright?"

"I wont. Don't worry."

He smiled.

"Alright. I'll see you tomorrow morning then."

I sighed. I didn't want to wait any longer! I just wanted to go and see Connor.

Jenny came back in looking very worried.

"What did he say? Are you okay?”

I nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine. They have to run some tests."

She let out a breath and sighed.

"Good, at least you’re better! Sarah was just here. I sent her and Becker home now, there’s nothing they can do here."

"Did she say anything about Connor? How is he?"

"Ahm ... Abby, they wouldn't tell Sarah anything. But they want to contact his Dad."

His dad? That sounded serious.

I just looked at Jenny. She sat down beside me and stilled my hands. I hadn't noticed that I was wringing them in my lap.

"Abby? Maybe we should call someone from your family too? Your mum? To make you feel better?"

"NO! God no! Not that she would care anyway. I'm fine, okay?"

"But why not? Maybe it would be good for you not to be alone now."

"I'm not alone! I have Connor and you guys. Plus my mum doesn't give a shit about me."

"Ahm ... okay. But I'm sure that she cares Abby. She is your mum."

"No she doesn't. She didn't care when her husband tried to rape me."

Oh no! ... I hadn’t meant to blurt that out, I didn’t want people knowing about my past, what would Jenny think of me?

Jenny looked wide eyed.

"What? Abby ..."

"No! Just ... just forget I said anything. It was a long time ago."

Before Jenny could say anything more about it, a nurse came into my room. I was really relieved about the interruption. The nurse asked Jenny to leave the room while she explained the ECG test to me. After she had put the pads on my body and took some blood, she told me that Connor had listed me as his emergency contact and that the doctor had ordered her to take me to him. She'd let me dress, and would be back in 5 minutes.

"Dress?" I looked around.

The nurse smiled.

"Yeah, your friend outside, brought in some clothes for you. Just put them on and I'll take you to Mr Temple."

Jenny came back in when the nurse left my room.

"Abby, can I ask you something?"

"If you have to."

I had a pretty good idea what she wanted to ask me.

I started getting dressed, while Jenny sat down on the bed.

"Did you ever talk to someone about what happened with your step-father?"

I sighed.

"I tried to talk to my mum about it. She didn't believe me."

I couldn't look into her face.

"How old were you?" She sounded weird ... not Jenny-like. She sounded like a councillor.

"Seventeen. Henry, my stepfather, was drinking a lot, like my mum. They got married when I was thirteen and everything I did was wrong. Henry used to beat me when he was really drunk and mum just looked away, or just said, that I deserved it. Then one night when I was 17, Henry came to my room at night... he smelled like an entire bar. He touched me everywhere and he told me to hold still. At first I did, I was so scared. When he told me that I wasn't good enough for him so I should be grateful, that he was showing me how to be a real woman, I started to fight back. I kicked him in the balls, so he let me go. When I told my mother about it the next morning, she told me that I was lying. She said Henry was the best thing that had happened to her and that I was just trying to break them up. Jack was only twelve back then. I don't think he knew anything had happened at all. I left that day."

Jenny came over and hugged me.

"I'm so sorry, Abby."

"Please just don't tell anyone, okay? I'm over it. I got into kickboxing and I'm good now."

She let me go.

"Alright, thanks for trusting me enough to tell me. Does anyone else know?"

I shook my head. "No."

"Okay. If you want to talk about anything, you can ... with me I mean."

I nodded and sighed.

"Thanks." I wiped my eyes. I hadn't even realized that I was crying.

The nurse came back to take me to Connor. Jenny came with me but stayed in the waiting room while I went into his room.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I was taken aback when I saw him, he was hooked up to machines and looked so small in his hospital bed. I sat down on a chair beside him, and taking his hand in mine, I looked at his gloveless right hand.

He looked so strange without his trademark fingerless gloves and I wondered where they had put them. His ring wasn't around his neck either. I reached out to caress his face, it was so weird to see him this still. Connor was never still, he always moved even in sleep. God, I couldn’t lose him! I needed him. He was my best friend and I loved him. And not only because he was my friend, he was more to me and I knew that now.

A nurse came in after a while to check on his machines and scribbled something down on the clipboard at the foot of Connors bed.

"Ahm,... sorry, but could you tell me where the ring is that he had around his neck?"

I just had to ask her since I knew how important it was to him.

The nurse was a bit younger than me and she had red hair and a pale face. I noticed her piercing bright green eyes when she looked at me.

She smiled "Yeah. Do you want to have it?"

I nodded "Yes, please!"

She left the room and came back a few seconds later. In her hand she had Connor’s ring on the leather string.

"Is it your wedding ring?" She asked.

I looked at her confused.

"I ... why do you think that?"

"Because of the inscription. It’s really sweet." She replied, handing me the ring.

"ahm ... yeah. Thank you."

"No problem."

She smiled again and left.

When she was out of the room I looked at the ring more closely. The inscription said 'You will always be home to me'. Before I had the chance to think about it all, the door opened and a doctor came in.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but are you Miss Maitland?"

I nodded "Yeah."

He sat down on a second chair and scooted closer to me.

"Alright, so; there are some things I need to talk to you about. Could you answer a few questions for me?"

"I can try."

"Good. Your colleagues told me that Mr. Temple lost his voice this evening? Did he have a fever or any other symptoms?"

"Yeah and he said that his throat was sore, he was tired, oh and he had a headache."

The Doctor seemed satisfied and nodded.

"Well, it seems that he has pneumonia. There was some fluid on his lungs but we got that under control. He is breathing on his own now, as you can see. We have him on broad spectrum antibiotics and he should wake up soon but he will be weak and his voice won't return right away. He may still experience some trouble breathing, but that'll get better soon."

"So he'll be okay?"

"Yeah, he was lucky that he collapsed right here in the emergency room. The fluid that had accumulated in his lungs was actually pretty dangerous."

The doctor was telling me more about Connors condition, but I wasn’t listening anymore ... I didn't want to listen.

He looked at me and smiled a practiced looking smile.

"Miss Maitland? You are a patient yourself aren't you? All that you have to know is that he will get better. Don't worry!"

I nodded numbly and he finally left me alone with Connor.

I lay my head right beside Connors on the bed. I don't know how long I sat there before the door opened again. I looked at the intruder and saw a man standing there. He looked at me and took a few steps into the room, then he looked at Connor. He sighed and came over to me with his eyes still on Connor. I slipped the necklace over my head and looked at the man again.

He was standing right beside me when he took a shuddering breath in and said "Oh, my boy, what happened?"

"They think he has pneumonia." I explained

He looked at me now "Ahm ... sorry. I'm James Temple, Connor’s Dad. You’re Abby?"

"Ahm ... yeah. Nice to meet you, Mr. Temple."

He smiled and I saw where Connor got his dimples from. And his eyes, his father had the same brown eyes.

"Call me James please."

He got a chair over and sat down beside me. I still had Connors hand in mine, his dad saw this and smiled again.

"Connor talks about you a lot when he calls you know."

"He does?"

He nodded "Yeah. You work together?"

"Yeah, we share an office at the research centre."

"Yeah, he told me that. I was so happy when he got the job with the government while he was still in his last year of uni."

"Yeah, he is great."

I stoked Connors hand while talking to his dad.

"Abby? Can you tell me what happened today?"

"I hope so. Connor’s been ill since yesterday. You know, sore throat and he was hoarse, but then he lost his voice completely. We where watching some DVD's together with some colleagues and ... well I think it is my fault ..." Tears rolled down my face again

"I'm sure it wasn't Abby. Please don't cry."

"But it is! I hyperventilated and fainted. And because Connor isn't a member of my family, the paramedic wouldn't let him ride with me. My friend Jenny said that he was breathing too fast and that he kind of collapsed. But he is my family in every sense that counts, you know?"

"Yeah, from what he tells me, he feels the same."

"Yeah, the same ... I just realized that."

His father looked me in the eyes and nodded.

"Well, I think I can say that you may be at fault, but only because Connor cares so much for you! So please don't feel guilty. Are you okay?"

I nodded "Yeah, I'm okay.”

I felt Connors hand twitch and looked at his face.


His eyes where still closed but he whispered something. I got nearer to his face.

"Conn? Come on, wake up, please!"

He whispered again, but this time I got what he said.


"I'm here! Just wake up."

He sighed and opened his eyes. I smiled and threw my arms around him.

"Abs! Oww! Air! And my chest hurts!" Connor still had to whisper to speak at all.

"God, sorry! I'm so sorry!"

My eyes teared up again, and one tear dropped onto his face. He lifted his hand and brushed the tears from my eyes with his thumb.

His dad moved around the bed now to stand on Connors other side. Connor looked up at him, confused.


"Yeah. It's good to see you son, but another situation would have been nicer. You scared me and the young lady here!"

Connor looked at me again.

"What happened?"

"Jenny told me that you broke down when you got here, that you couldn't breath. And your doctor just told me that you have pneumonia. Do you remember?"

He thought about it and nodded after a while.

"Yeah ... they wouldn't let me go with you or even see you."

His dad cleared his throat and said "I'll go and look for a doctor, okay?"

Connor nodded, and looked back at me. I took his hand in mine again and moved the chair closer to his head so that we could talk.

"What happened to you Abs? What got you crying so hard?"

I looked away and sighed.

"I was thinking, about Cutter and Stephen and how we lost them and ... I can't lose you!"

"I'm not going anywhere Abby!"

"Connor, you could have died in the lab just yesterday. And now this! You’re in the ICU and you had fluid in your lungs. I was so scared. I need you! I love you!"

His eyes grew wide and I slapped my hand over my mouth. It wasn't supposed to come out like this. But now it was out and I took in a breath.

"I do, I really do!"

"Say it again!" He whispered.

"I love you!" I sobbed now and lay my head on the bed right beside his head.

His hand came up to cup the back of my head, he stroked my hair and whispered "I love you too, Abs."

I kissed his neck and then he turned his head to me and I kissed his mouth. It was just a sweet little kiss and we stopped it before we got carried away. I suddenly remembered his necklace with the ring on.

"I have your ring here."

He shook his head.

"No, keep it!"

Right than the door opened and Connors dad came back in with a doctor.


I was allowed to go home the next day and since Connor still had to stay in the hospital, I offered his dad a place to stay for the night.

James was a nice man and I found out more things Connor got from his dad. He had the same sense of humour and like Connor, James loved tea.

His dad amused me with stories from Connors childhood while we were eating dinner that evening.

"... and he demanded that I buy him a computer! He was just nine years old back then, but I couldn't deny him much, since was always a good kid. Never got into much trouble and you know what happened when I got that computer home?"

I imagined a little nine year old Connor and had to smile.

"No, what?"

"At first he had to help me to hook the thing up! My little boy instinctively knew how to do that! We got it working, I told him to be very careful with it and he promised me he would. But when I got home the next day, he had taken it apart. He was looking at the insides of the computer and told me that the motherboard was too slow. I didn't even know what a motherboard was!"

I had to laugh out loud at that.

"Yeah, that sounds like him."

His father's eyes grew sad when he saw that I had Connors necklace.

"When his mum passed away, he didn't talk for almost three months. The only things he did was go to school and fiddle with his computer. I was so worried about him. Do you know what got him talking again?"

I shook my head.

"I gave him the ring you’re wearing right now. He broke down and cried for almost an hour. Then he got out a leather sting and put the ring around his neck. He said that he would find a girl one day and he would know that she was the one, right from the start. And two years ago, he told me 'I found her'. You know that I met my late wife at work too?"

I smiled.

"Connor told me that she liked ABBA."

"Yeah, she did. I still miss her and I thought often that Connor would have needed a mum when he grew up but he was a good kid. Always so bright, but he never had many friends."

"He has now. More than just me."

"I know, he told me while you where getting checked out today. Thank you for keeping him safe. I had to let him go, but I still worry for him, he’s the only thing left of my wife and my only child. But he’s happy here with his work, and with you."

"I'm happy with him too. And I hope that he can come home soon."

"Yeah. I'll have to go home tomorrow, but you two have to promise me that you'll come and visit me, okay?"

"We will! Very soon, I hope."

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Connor signed himself out the next day. He said he wanted to go home and that he could recover better there. I agreed to take care of him and that he wouldn't be alone at any time. If any signs of breathing trouble occurred, we'd call an ambulance straight away.

I was sitting with my back to the headboard of his bed with his head in my lap.

"Abby, ahm ... when you said ... you know ... " He still had to whisper, but the doctor at the hospital said that it only would take one or two more days for his voice to return.

"I meant it, Connor. I love you!"

With that I bent down and kissed him. This time the kiss was more passionate and I put my hand on the back of his head to hold him to me. He brought both of his hands around my neck and drew me nearer to him.

When we both needed to take a breath, he lay his forehead against mine and grinned.

"Took you long enough!" I hit him and he laughed "I love you too Abby! Since the first time I saw you I knew it would be you!"

Yeah. It was right to tell him, he was my best friend and we’d already been through so many things together, good and bad. Now, he was my boyfriend and for the first time, I wasn't scared at all about that thought. I knew I could trust him with my life and my heart.

"Abby? What the hell are they? Hairless dogs? God they look horrible!"

My eyes widened, Jack had come home and Sid and Nancy had greeted him right at the door!

Connor laughed "Hairless dogs? Well, that could work!"

"Oh, shut up!"

*** *** *** ***


 :D I made a few screen caps from the Making of of Alice :-)

a few fanny faces


Welcomes and Goodbye's Part 3

Characters/Pairing: Connor/Abby
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Primeval and it’s characters belong to Impossible Pictures, no copyright infringement is intended.

AN: I got a bit carried away while writing this part, so it is a bit longer :-)
This is my first Fic so please, leave a comment :D
Thanks to wilemina_29 for betaing *hugs* and thanks to my friend Callace, for looking over my attempts of writing LOL

***  ***  ***  ***   ***   ***

At the video store, I found both the movies the boys wanted and I got another film I'd like to watch. Connor wasn't a big help there, he was just standing around. He looked at some DVD's but didn't pick one for himself. I got over to him and smiled.

"Which one would you like to watch? Come on, you even can pick a really scary one!"

Normally he would be totally happy with the prospect of a horror movie night.

He coughed and just shook his head.

"Do you want me to cancel the whole thing? I mean, if you want to sleep to get better I understand, we can invite them over another time."

"No! No, I'm okay with the movies you picked." He was sounding more and more hoarse.

"How’re you feeling?"

"Okay, like I said, it’s just the voice and my throat."

I raised on eyebrow at him.

"Alright, I have a headache, BUT I'll take a paracetamol at home! It'll be gone by the time the others arrive, okay? What have you got for you girls? There won't just be the movies the guys picked out, right?"

"No, I have 'The Village', I haven't seen it and it doesn't look too bad."

He looked at the DVD box and nodded.

We paid and left of the shop. At the chemists, we got some medicine for Connor and I bought a new thermometer.

At home we had three more hours to prepare for the others. I had to feed the animals and I wanted to take a bath. After the week, I liked to have some time just for me and a relaxing bath.

I went to tell Connor that I would take a bath and ask him if he needed to go to the bathroom. We had a few 'run in's' in the first weeks of living together so I made sure to tell him that I was in the bath from then on.

This time I couldn't tell him though; he was fast asleep on his bed when I went upstairs. He was snoring loudly and his breathing didn't sound too good but he’d taken the medicine and two paracetamols, so sleep was good. I put his blanket around him and kissed him on the forehead. His temperature was okay and he’d said he wanted to watch the movies with us so I had to force myself NOT to call Sarah and cancel the whole thing. I decided though that I’d throw them all out if he got any worse.

I let water in the tub and put in some bubble bath before getting the CD player from the kitchen and looking for a CD to listen to. When I looked through Connors CD's I found a Harry Potter Audio book hidden behind some other CD's and had to laugh. I’d told him once that I loved the books and apparently he had gotten the new Audio book. There was one CD of them missing, one of the later ones. I could still listen to the first CD. I wondered why he would buy the Audio Book when I have all the books. He could’ve just borrowed them and read them any time.

But when I thought back, he always had the headphones of his iPod in his ears when he was fiddling with the Detector or the locking device. He must be listening to Audio books then. I would have to ask him about that. But for now, I just took the CD to listen to in the bath.

When I was out of the bath and my hair was fixed up, I put on some light girly make up. Connor said once, that he liked it when I "did the girly thing" and now that he was not feeling too well, I wanted to see him smile again.

I cleaned up behind me in the bathroom and opened the window to get rid of the steam in the room.

In an hour the others would be coming over and I made sure everything looked good and put the kettle on to prepare some more tea for Connor. I got out some lemon and honey and made enough tea to last for a few cups, then I got up to Connors room to wake him. He was still under his blanket but he was sweating. I sat down next to his hip

"Connor? You have to wake up now, the others will be over here soon." I whispered and leaned near to his head. "Come on sleepy head!"

He stirred and grunted .

"Just five more minutes!"

I giggled.

"They’ll be here in half an hour Conn and I think you should hop in the shower before that. You'll feel better after that."

"Okay, okay." he opened one eye and then the other.

I got up, to give him room.

"How do you feel? Any better?"

I knew I was fussing, but I needed to know.

"Yeah, Headache is gone now, and my throat feels better."

Though he was not sounding better, he definitely looked rested now.

He brought his hand up to his forehead and brushed the sweaty hair out of his eyes then his face screwed up.

"And you are right, I need that shower" he laughed.

It was good to hear him laugh, even if it didn't sound much like his normal laugh.

"Good, I'll go down and close the window in the bathroom. There’s tea in the kitchen, I put lemon and honey in, it’ll help with your voice." I smiled at him and he looked down.

"Thanks Abs."

"You're welcome" I replied, already on the stairs.


Connor was in the shower when Sarah arrived. She was a bit early, but she said that she wanted to help prepare for the party.

We chased Sid and Nancy into my room and closed the door behind them. Rex was up in Connors room so he was out of the way too. I got the sweets out and put them into a bowl. Sarah was putting glasses on the coffee table and we put the drinks next to the couch where everyone could reach them easily.

Sarah and I sat down at the Kitchen counter and we both had a beer bottle in front of us. I was about to ask her about Becker when we heard the singing in the bathroom. I giggled because Connor sounded more off key with his hoarse voice. Sarah just laughed out loud.

We both took a sip of our beer and Sarah looked at the bathroom door.

"Okay, that is actually very sweet."

Connor was singing ABBA's ‘Our last summer‘. His favorite hit, because he sang that all the time since I had forced him into watching 'Mamma Mia!' with me. I wondered how he knew the lyrics so well.

"I know!" I grinned.

Connor ended his song and came out of the bathroom with just a towel around his hips and one on his head, he was towelling off his hair and didn't look at us. He clearly didn't notice that Sarah was there already.

"Ahm ... Conn? Sarah is here!"

I was looking at him and so was Sarah.

"Really?" he squeaked and lifted the towel away from his face and put it in front of his chest.

"Yeah, hello there! I didn't know I was getting to see you do a show tonight!" Sarah laughed.

Connor hurried up the steps to his room and I looked over at Sarah.

"Did you have to say that? He’s feeling bad enough today!"

"I think he knew it was a joke. What I didn't know, was that he was hiding some serious muscles under all his shirts and waistcoats!"

"Well ... he does, he isn't just a mass of intellect!"

Okay, that still sounded stupid and I burst out giggling. Sarah looked a bit shocked now and I saw that she must have gotten the wrong meaning behind that.

"Not what you think!" I told her.

When Connor came back down, he was dressed and his face was beet red with embarrassment. He came over to us.

"I didn't hear you coming in Sarah, sorry."

I put a cup of tea down in front of him and smiled.

He nodded his thanks at me and took a sip.

"Not a problem Connor. And you know that it was just a joke right? I didn't mean to be rude."

Connor laughed.

"I know, don't worry!"

I got up and went into my room. I had to close the door right behind me as I got in and out because of Sid and Nancy. When I got out to the Kitchen again, I put the red scarf around Connors neck. He looked at it and then at me.

"You had that? I was looking for it for days!"

"Yeah, sorry. But you have to keep that around your neck now, warmth is good."

Sarah giggled.

"And it is good for the singing voice! I didn't peck you for an ABBA fan."

I glared at her.

Connor on the other hand was laughing. Now I was confused.

"You should hear my 'Dancing Queen'!"

"Yeah I think I really would enjoy that!" Sarah smiled and got up.

She went to her bag and dragged out two microphones and a few PS2 game boxes. Connor began to smile to and got up to join her. I was still standing at the kitchen counter.

"Damn, and I can't really sing with my voice like that! What songs do you have?"

What? Songs? I went to stand next to Sarah, and saw that it was a karaoke game. Sarah had given Connor the game boxes, and he was looking through them.

"We can try it out though and if you can't sing, you can be ... like ... a judge!" Sarah smiled at her resolution.

Connor didn't look up from the boxes.

"Abby? Can we play now while we’re waiting for the others?"

He was asking me?

"Ahm ... sure. Why not."

He went to hook the microphones up on his PS2 and started the game. I sat down next to Sarah and looked at her.

"Cool idea! But you know he’ll want to play it for hours now right?"

"He can't sing very long or fast with his voice. I think he’ll last about two songs and then he’ll have to take a break anyway. Okay! Who wants to start? Abby?"

No! No, no! I wouldn't sing alone and I would definitely not do it before either of them had done it! I shook my head. Connor came over to us and sat right in the middle of Sarah and me.

"Come on Abs, sing with me, okay?"

He and his puppy dog eyes. I just couldn't resist. Together would be okay. Connor got up, and poured himself more tea, and brought it with him. He handed me one of the microphones and took the other one.

"Wait, which song?" I asked him.

He smiled.

"Oh, one you know really well!"

He smiled at me started the song. When I saw the beginning of the music video I had to smile too. He was sticking to ABBA and he picked my favorite song 'The name of the game'. I began to sing and it wasn't so hard at all to play the game. I knew the words and didn't have to read them so I could concentrate on the singing alone. Connor wasn't doing so well, his voice was chokier and sometimes it broke away completely. He gave up in the middle of the song. I finished alone and Connor smiled at me.

"See! Wasn't that bad, right? You did great!"

Sarah smiled too but then turned to Connor.

"How do you know the lyrics to the ABBA songs so well?" She raised her eyebrows.

He looked down and sighed.

"My mum ... it was her favorite band and she listened to them often when I was a little. When she died, my dad got rid of all the tapes though. It was hard for him, but I still like the songs. And Abby? You know that her favorite song was 'The name of the game" too?"

He smiled then and I hugged him. Sarah got up and said that she had to use the bathroom but I knew that she was giving us some time.

"So you’re okay with my listening to the songs? It's not bringing back unpleasant memories?" I was worried, because I didn't want to hurt him in any way.

"No! Not at all! I remember that she was happy when she listened to ABBA. How she danced to the songs like you do now. You remind me of her sometimes. You know ... in a not creepy way." Connor smiled and whispered. "So thanks, Abby, for not letting me forget her."

He hugged me and it felt good.

A knock at the door broke up our conversation but I was sure that we would be talking about that more later, once we were alone again.

Danny and Jenny arrived together ... that was weird. I let them in and they sat down on the sofa with Sarah who was back from the bathroom. Connor had switched off the PS2 and sat down on the armrest of my recliner.

When Becker arrived only a minutes after the others we could finally start the first movie.

"Jenny? Do you want to choose?" I asked her, and gave her the DVD's.

"Okay, I would like to watch this one!" She announced and held up 'The Ring'.

She gave it to Connor, who put the DVD in the player and started the movie.

Becker, Sarah, Jenny and Danny sat on the sofa and I sat in the big recliner. There was still space on the couch, but I patted right beside me. I didn't want to sit alone through this movie and there was space enough that Connor and I could both sit on the recliner. He smiled and sat down beside me.

The movie was really scary and when I saw the video with that fly it creeped me out and I grabbed Connors arm and buried my head in his shoulder. He looked down at me and whispered "You okay?"

I nodded and looked at the TV again from behind his shoulder. I saw Sarah doing the same from behind Becker’s shoulder; that made me smile. When I looked at Jenny I was surprised to see that she was totally into the movie, she sat on the edge of her seat and was looking at the TV with huge eyes.

Becker and Danny were relaxed and watched with interest. I couldn't see what Connor was doing without him noticing. But since he didn't jump when something scary happened, I thought he was okay.

BUT I had to have a pause!

"Can we stop for a minute?"

Sarah looked happy with that and nodded.

"Yes please!"

Connor paused the DVD and looked at me questioningly.

"I have to use the bathroom" I said, smiling sweetly.

He helped me to get up and I rushed out because that creepy girl was on the screen. When I came back Sarah was already on her way to the bathroom too. She smiled at me and I held my thumbs up at her when she was right in front of me.

I sat down beside Connor again and listened to Jenny, who was telling the others that she booked a cruise to Greece today and that she wanted to have a holiday before she decides what to do with her life now.

"I just wanted to go some place warm, you know."

Connor nodded.

"Sounds great to me to!" He laughed.

But I got to thinking. A holiday ... didn't sound that bad, I'd have to ask Lester about it.

Denny was telling Jenny something about Athena and Connor was babbling away about digging places in Greece. When Sarah came back she got into a discussion with Connor, which she won because his voice broke away completely in the middle of a sentence.

He looked at me with wide eyes when I asked him if he was ok. He shook his head and got up to go into the kitchen. I looked at the others and Jenny got up to follow him into the kitchen. I didn't know what to do when Danny spoke;

"Go to him!"

In the kitchen Jenny was talking to Connor. I got nearer and looked at him as he poured more tea into his mug. He took a sip and tried to speak again, but nothing came. Then he tried to whisper and that worked. I sighed and hugged him. Jenny told him that that happened to her once. That her voice came back after a little while and that he really needed to go to a doctor on Monday.

"When did your voice come back?" Connor stage whispered to her.

She looked apologetic.

"After about 4 days. Sorry. But drink tea, don't try to talk and it should get better soon." She patted him on the shoulder.

God! The poor guy. Connor was always talking, even in his sleep. It was hard work for him to keep silent for a long period of time. I squeezed his hand to show him that I was here for him.

Jenny smiled.

"Do you want us to leave?"

He shook his head and looked over at me, so I told her "No, you can stay. We still have to get the pizza and to watch a second movie!"

Connor nodded.

Jenny laughed.

"Okay, fine. We stay then, I’ll ask the others what they want on their pizzas and then we can order them okay? That way the pizzas will be here by the end of the movie."

"Great, thanks Jenny."

I gave her a piece of paper and a pen and she was on her way to the others.

I turned to Connor again and brought my hand to his forehead, he smiled and whispered "I'm okay, even my throat still feels not that bad."

He had no fever as far as I could tell.

"Okay. I'll order the pizza then this time. They wouldn't understand you today!" I giggled.

He smiled and that was why I said it. Jenny came back and gave me the paper so I could order.

When we all sat down again, Sarah asked Connor if he was okay. He just nodded and whispered "Yes. Don't worry!"

He started the movie again and then settled down beside me. He put his arm around my shoulders so that I could lay my head on his chest. I smiled at that, it was such a coupley thing to do. When I turned my head away from the TV again as the creepy girl climbed out of the TV in the movie, he whispered into my ear;

"It’ll be over soon. Just don't look at it, okay?"

I nodded and breathed in his scent. It was comforting and I whispered back a "Thank you." and I meant it in more ways than one.

When the movie was finally over I let out a sigh of relief.

"God that was horrible! Becker, remind me never to let you pick a movie! Like ever again!" I exclaimed.

Everyone laughed.

The pizza arrived just in time and we sat down to eat. When we were all stuffed with the pizza, Connor and Sarah helped me to clear up so that we could watch the second movie. I let Connor pick the next one. He smiled and held up 'The Village'.

Danny grumbled a bit, but I told him that he could take his movie home to watch it there and he was happy again.

I could handle monsters better than ghosts, so 'The Village' was better. I leaned into Connor and he put his arm around me again. When Lucius told Ivy that he feels for her safety first, Connor squeezed my shoulder a bit and I had to smile because I didn't think that he did it intentionally. And I knew that he would stand right beside me in danger, he did so everyday. He came after me when the Mer creature took me into the future, he refused to let me go back then and he told me that he loved me.

I put my arms around him to hold him closer. He looked down at me and smiled.

While I was thinking about Connor and what he meant to me, Lucius got stabbed and the blind Ivy was feeling that something was wrong. When she found him and he wasn't responding to her touching him, I was in tears. I knew how it felt to loose someone; we lost Cutter and Stephen not long before that. But I was thinking how I would feel if it was Connor who was injured and possibly dying. He could have died yesterday! I nearly lost him! That thought got me sobbing.

"Abby?" Connor whispered as I held him tight.

He put both his arms around me while he tried to bring me onto his lap to hold me more comfortably. I heard Jenny and Sarah but not what they where saying because I was crying so hard that it was getting tough to take a breath in. After a while all went black.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

When I woke up and opened my eyes everything was too bright so I closed them again immediately. I heard Jenny talking to someone.

"She'll be okay. The doctor said she hyperventilated. ... No ... Yes, the doctors are with him right now ... They have to take tests ... James, I don't know ... "

James ... so she must be talking to Lester. Who needed to take tests. For what?

"James! Becker and Sarah are with him. Danny’s getting some coffee. ... Yeah, I told you! He just collapsed when we arrived here. The doctors wouldn't let him ride with her in the ambulance. He was distressed and breathing too fast ... yeah, maybe an asthma attack ... the doctors are working on him right now..."

Wait ... asthma attack ... She isn't talking about Connor is she? I opened my eyes now, to the too bright light and sat up.


She looked at me and smiled.

"I call you back, James, Abby just woke up." with that she shut her phone.

"Abby! Thank god!" She sat down beside me and hugged me. Hard.

"Jenny, where’s Connor?"

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

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